One Hour Full Body Massage    
Pamper yourself with this massage from head to toe!  Your
therapist will use a variety of techniques to relieve your stress
and tension.
60 min.   $70
90 min.   $100
Deep Tissue or Sports Massage    
Targeted for those with daily physical activity and stress we
will break down the stress in your muscles and you will leave
feeling relaxed and renewed!
60 min.   $80
30 min.   $50
Pre-Natal Massage    
Enjoy a full body massage on our prenatal massage table
This massage will specifically address pregnancy discomforts.
60 min.   $75
Couples and Buddy Massages    
Enjoy this full body massage treatment in our double massage
60 min.   $150
Hot Stone Massage    
This treatment is a deeper form of massage.  Not only are the
stones placed on your body but you are massaged with them
for a deeper form of relaxation.
60 min.   $90
  15 Minute Chair Massage     $20          
  Need a quick pick me up?  Receive a chair massage to increase your energy! 
Great for neck, shoulder and back relief.
  Exfoliating Sugar Massage     $80
  Is your skin dull, dry or itchy?  Come experience our exfoliating sugar massage for
soft, silky skin and a healthier glow.
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